Today I....

Yesterday, I went to a funeral for a NM soldier that was killed in Iraq. The service started at 10am and when I left at 2pm they had just put the casket in the hearse. I wasn't able to go to the grave site because the station needed the video from the service.


Got to shoot/meet General George Sada, Sadam Hussein's former top general in the Iraqi Airforce, about a new book he came out with called "Saddam's Secrets" that claims "Weapons of Mass Destruction" WMD's, in question did exist and that Saddam air lifted them out in 2002 to Syria, before the liberation of Iraq began. He spoke at a Church service today and will be speeking again tonight. He spoke Only on FOX News a week ago on Hannity & Colmes. It was pretty Interesting, and the Whitehouse & NSA interviewd him a few days ago to make sure his story is true, and it supposivedly is.


Today I...

Actually, it was last night, but...

I shot 2 and a half hours of live shots at an apartment fire. The dynamic of the situation precluded using sticks for the whole time, so I was shouldered for over two hours. When I went home, I took preemptive Motrin before I went to bed.


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Friday, last week i was shooting a winter weather preps story and was rerouted to a location where a boy had been shot the night before. The reporter and I pull into the drive way and I decided not to pull in too far if the family was going to come out yelling. (Later found out it wasn't the families home.) The reporter gets out. . . . I get out. . . . I looked around and then down. . . . . a dried pool of blood a few feet away from the car. Thought I might loose my lunch.. . . well actually we missed lunch to shoot the VO, but you get the idea.


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I arrived on a shooting story in the Mid west were a guy went Postal killing a bunch of co workers, then drove to the Police station and threatend officers who capped him. I arrived on scene as the fire department were hosing down the grass where his scalp had been removed by 9mm gun shots.

No breakfast for me that day.

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am cruising around, found a internet hotspot, listening to scanners and checking out Later I will be doing Toronto Rock pregame. Quick little edit and send back to fill the 60 minute monster, have a little bite to eat, then go back for Rock post.



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"I looked around and then down. . . . . a dried pool of blood a few feet away from the car."

That's why I don't let my son play in daddy's shoes.

Not as bad as it used to be, but still....


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2 pkgs. First was a tour bus full of Canadian college students coming back from Panama City that wrecked on the interstate and almost flipped over. Second pkg was a man beat to death with a rock in an alley. Also shot a vo of a drunk driver that ran his car into a house and left his girlfriend in the car to take the wrap. Luckily police caught up with the male a few blocks away. And finally sheriff deputies while chasing a stolen car... ran the suspect off the road causing him to crash.


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today I shot a funeral...only to have my camera crap out right when they started carring the casket out.

I hate old equipment


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Overnight Double Shift

3 tricky live shots (one in the middle of a city street)

1 drunk driving pack

1 Airplane crash pack


Well-known member an unexpected ride in an airplane. I love the random cool things that happen to me because of my job! We were doing a story on a community college that is expanding its flight training program. They were telling us what they had lined up for us to shoot (students flying simulators etc) and them came out with, "and we have one of our graduates available to take you up for a flight if you want." Uh, YEAH! We loaded into a four-seat single-engine Piper Something after I stripped down the camera so it would fit on my shoulder in the cabin. I did the lav mic in the headset trick (which is mandatory for getting radio chatter and doing in-flight interviews) It was very windy (read: bumpy air) and that plus having my eye in the VF plus the cabin being about 90 degrees plus not being able to take off my fleece jacket equalled one queasy photog. There was some serious staring at the horizon and deep breathing to avoid unpleasantness for a while there. I made it back to terra firma with breakfast and pride intact, and another photog experience to remember.


A story about medicare enrollment which featured a fiesty senior citizen at a retirement home. By the time I got back from the liveshot I learned that somebody called to tell us how disgusting we are "to create a fictitious interview" because the lady featured, get this, had been dead for years now. So apparently I followed around a ghost and didn't even know it.
Some people are just nutty.
Switched mediums for a day and shot a bunch of pictures of a high school student march in Prescott. While waiting for them to come back, missed a 1st alarm fire on the north side of town...but if you subscribed to Incident Command Page, you would've already heard about it :)

(Posted a day late due to lack of freetime)


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...rode and shot on the back of a bike (motorcycle) for an expensive gas story. Sometimes, my job is pretty cool. Desk jockey's don't get to do that. Take THAT for sending me to a car wreck in the middle of nowhere that will never air!


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Shot my first diving competition...a dude hit the board with his head and just kinda fell and seized. So I shot it all and a guy from the crowd watching (and also this stupid punk teenager) tried to get in my face and keep me from shooting what was happening. The man touched my lens and I started yelling at him, repeating what I had read and had been told, that the camera is a part of me and that touching it is touching me and that kinda thing. They kept trying to get in my way but I was a step ahead and got the shots I wanted when they were distracted. I kept my nerve (even though I was really really scared the guy was gonna hit me). So yeah, two firsts: diving competition and run in with a really angry photog hater.