Today I....

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Went to a Michael Jackson auction a chick (subject of my NATPKG).....but don't know if I will call her or not.


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Well Last week I was in Raleigh and WRAL coughtme and the family in the street as a MOS. All this time behind tme camera and I finally got on in another market hahaah!

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......shot Barack Obama speaking at a local high school on the campaign trail.......pkg on the first day of World Series of Poker....then off to a entertainment shoot about Pamela Anderson being a magician's, what a day...but no lunch.


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..covered a story where the mother of a murdered 14-year old girl walked in her place at her junior high school graduation.

This job breaks your heart sometimes....


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zoom zoom

First shoot with our new sports anchor Andy Fales... popped off some post-game at the MLS soccer match, on the way back, called to "check out a chase".

Pulled in behind a cop on the highway, 2 minutes later the chase comes flying by, cops throwin stop sticks, followed the rest of the chase and got the arrest.

and the suspect mugged for the camera, asking us to "call his lawyer".

Great way to welcome the new guy! priceless.


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Oh man, Andy is a breath of fresh air. He even helped shoot some of the chase! (although in editing, I made sure that 90% was my stuff so I can enter it in 2nd qtr... :eek:)

Of course, this chase is NOTHING when compared to what WHO-TV got on tape a few months ago. I guess if you don't have a cop car spin out in front of you, missing your bumper by inches, you just don't have much to write home about... ;o)


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Last weekend I helped a man who was shot in the chest. I didn't shot it till he was in the EMS truck. Felt good to help.


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Shot a feature on the wild horses on Shackleford Banks (Outer Banks, NC)
The money shot is a close-up of the face of a wild horse with the shaggy mane, and the Cape Lookout lighthouse black-n-white diamond pattern out of focus in the bkgd.
This is not my work; just to help illustrate:


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Big Black

Was out doing "B-Roll" work on spec for Conus and shot a ton of stuff at the Mall of America of Big Black signing autographs from MTVs Rob & Big.

They were cool with their fans.
Here is a link to one of the photos and NO I was not in line to get an autograph...

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Interstate 35w Bridge Collapse


Got some great footage until the cops kicked me and another shooter from KSTP out of the area.

Right now I am just sitting here uploading the footage to CNN.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi
651 238-0258
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it was the other day...

Ok, I know this is "Today I shot..." but I'm still getting caught up on all the b-roll footage I have shot in the last 4 weeks now and just taking a break from the editing.

Here is a shot from Sunday while out for a few clients.

I got on some insane flash flooding in Southeastern Minnesota for CNN and the local ABC station up here. I should have the new website up and running by this weekend with all the stock footage to show everyone.

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saw my very first death today. i've seen the aftermath of plenty a fatal shooting/accident scene. but after i thought on it today, i've seen very few bodies.

before today, i'd never seen anyone actually get killed in front of me. i'm okay, but i'm not sure i'm completely okay, you know?

there was a hostage situation at a bank in louisville. the gunman let all the hostages go after his demand of white castle hamburgers was filled, then he came out with a rifle cradled in his arms.

he didn't point the gun at the swat officers staged just to the right of the bank, but he lunged at them. you could tell that his steps were the opening steps of a run, right at the officers.

the officers opened fire and i watched blood explode from various parts of his body.

i don't remember my hands touching the camera after he came out the door, but i glanced at the tape later and saw that i fluid framed with him as he came out, then when he hit the ground, i panned over to the swat officers, then back to him.

i've been told i did a good job keeping my head and following the action smoothly. indeed, the camera barely shakes.

but i don't know how "good" of a job i really did. i captured a moment where a desperate man put others in the position of ending his life because he wasn't able to do it himself. i don't know if "good" came out of anything that happened today, other than the hostages all being okay.

i'd like to talk with the officers that fired and find out what they're thinking. if they're thinking about this as much as i am. if they're angry this man - who they've probably never met before - put them in this position.

the thing i wonder about myself in all this, is what do i feel right now? i came damn close to loosing my breakfast right after i saw it in my viewfinder, and when my reporter put me on air via phoner to explain what i saw, i can't be sure i didn't drop any f-bombs. i have no idea what i said.

but right now, i just feel detached from it. it's only been seven or eight hours since it happened, but it feels like i should feel something other than "well, that happened today".


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I recommend you talk to somebody, even informally. An EMS guy or an experienced and caring photog. Lots of companies have a counselling service available by phone for free. Ask your HR person and take advantage of that service.


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mabey I'm just jaded

Hey cadencefilm,

Yeah it may be a shock but you should talk to someone if it is bugging you. Me, I just look at everything now as a job. If I see it in a viewfinder, it is no different then watching the show 24 and seeing Jack kill someone. I know it sounds bad but hey, it happens.

As storm chasers, some people bitch that we make a living watching others lose everything but as a freelancer, we are just there to cover the story that was going to happen with or without us being there. My partner in crime, Dan from StormHighway was just outside Greensburg KS when it was pretty much destroyed by the EF5 tornado and so where a lot of stringers we know. Did we make a living off of the death and destruction? Yes!

But the guy you saw that got killed by the police was not your fault and you had nothing to do with it. Look at it as if you were doing a live shot regarding a bad intersection where accidents happen all the time and all of the sudden you catch 2 cars smashing into each other (it has happened live before) but then someone gets killed. Did you make that happen? No you just recorded life happening.

As news photogs, I don't give a rats ass about NPPA or anyone elses style. The way to work is be the eyes and ears for the public and catch what happens for the public and report the news, don't be the news. I got a lot of **** for leaving some black man on Canal Street during Katrina and never knew what happened to him. But you know what, I'm not there to save people anymore then you are or even anyone else is on this forum. And if someone on here start helping people out and making the news instead of reporting the news, your not reporters anymore so set the camera down.

Just remember, this is just a job you do, you don't make the news, you just photograph it and report it.