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We hope this section develops into a great location to share and learn from others.

Upload you video at b-roll.net TV and post the embed code here. Look for the "b-roll.net FORUM player" that is displayed next to your video on b-roll.net TV. Copy and paste that code in your post, and your video will display right here.

Feel free to also show work from other players - like station websites and YouTube.

For tips on how to embed your video, check out b-roll.net TODAY.

I look forward to seeing some great work and learning some new techniques. I only ask that you keep the criticism productive and fair.

Do not "bash" people and their work here.

Let the criticism begin!

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We hope this section develops into a great location to share and learn from others.

Do not "bash" people and their work here.

Let the criticism begin!

Got the hint, I promise to stay out of it until I complete my diplomacy course.


I've been trying to help this new part of B-Roll Online get rolling with, what I consider, honest thoughts...without crossing the line and hurting peoples feelings or simply becoming empty "good story" comments.

It's hard to present thoughts without hurting feelings.

I want to say one thing up front that is important about what I write.

I am not perfect...nor the best all the time.

When I write a criticism, I am looking to offer points that may not have been noticed. Ways to improve. Things that I myself sometimes fail to accomplish until after I look at my own work.

I am not looking to tear anyone down and, by doing so, make myself seem better, smarter or more talented than others.

This could be a really positive part of B-Roll Online that didn't exist anywhere, any place, before. Immediate feedback from others who know how we have to do our jobs.

We all have to do what we can to maintain the honest feedback balanced by the reality none of us were there shooting the story, working under those specific circumstances when a posted story is produced.

I will be the first to say arm-chair quarterbacking is easy.

Deadlines are different every day...as well as the ability of those we are working with to get the story to air. Whether it be in less than an hour or more than a week.

Never doubt that what I offer when I write are options and views from someone who wasn't there.

We all have better days than others. There is no "best" photog out there.

We are all learning together. ;)

All this being said...people who post work for critiques need to understand one thing very clearly. No story is going to not have comments from others pointing out areas where things might have been done better or differently.

There are many levels of ability represented here at B-Roll Online. Some of us have decades of experience. Others much less. The key to getting better is to listen to all opinions. Even those with fewer years of experience can help better a persons product with fresh eyes or a new technique.

Kev has done a wonderful job of making B-Roll Online an inclusive web site. Yes, some have gotten their feelings hurt. That may or may not be their own fault. If you are posting a story here expecting responses saying "perfect"...I believe that is an unrealistic expectation.

Balancing that...I don't think it's fair to beat on people's hard work without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Whether it's lack of equipment or time. People who post their stories should try and make clear what, if any, real limitations they may have faced getting the job done.

Many times doing a "good job" as a television news photographer isn't just about pretty video. It's all about making deadline with the best product possible with the time and tools available. ;)


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Lensmith puts this straight down the plate. Heck, he and others have been tough on my work and I appreciate it. Others have been nice about my stuff and it's appreciated as well. The thing I like about tough critiques is that I will only get better when someone points out a quirk, oversight, mistake, or laziness.

I'm thick skinned and can take abuse, heck, I like to give abuse (constructive) because I love our chosen career. If this is merely a 9-5 (or whatever your schedule) your feelings will surely be hurt. If you are passionate, considerate, understanding, eager, and willing to get better, you will love this forum.

I posted what I thought was a decent attempt at a different way of doing highlights, and got great feedback. Sure, I learned from everyone who took the time to watch the story and wasn't hurt or offended, because I recognize when someone takes time to watch then consideration is happening. When the person writes about the video, honesty and compassion are also happening. Just because flaws are pointed out does not mean I'm a failure. It means I should at the very least consider other options the next time I do a similar story.

If you are posting here for an ego stroke, you do NOT understand the point.

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I keep forgetting to quote a great block of advice that AB gave (which also led to a new signature line in my messages):

One of the keys of asking for a critique is to get ready for honest feedback. If someone truly wants critique, expect harsh. You don't have to put up with rude, but be ready to have you feelings hurt even if you're really proud of a piece.

Some things to consider when asking for feedback: No excuses. You can't qualify a story with things like "I only had xxx time to shoot this", "This was my third story of the day" or things like that.

When a viewer sees a story at home, the anchor lead in usually doesn't say anything about the time put into a story or any obstacles overcome.

The other thing about this site that is great for critique is people have varying backgrounds. There are freelancers, network guys, long-time local guys and rookies chiming in. There is just about every region from the country and market size represented, not to mention international input. Everybody is coming from a different background.

Take it for what it is. Also remember, everybody to an extent is full of crap in their own way. There will be good points and bad points made as well as many points open for debate. Either way, don't take anything too personally and take away some good advice when offered.


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There is a lot of people viewing what people are putting up. But no ones commenting. I'll admit I didn't think I was worthy enough to critique something but now I am. We need this so we can all get better. Heck Newsshooter3 is begging people to critique his stuff, why not it doesn't hurt. We all get something out of it young photogs like myself or older photogs. Its always nice to learn new tricks.


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Its been a while.... but, I rattled off a few random thoughts. I hope to check 'em all out soon!

Give some input... U... :)
I want to thank everyone who has been participating in this.
The feedback is instantanous and constructive!
Refreshing and simple system. Thanks for this!

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Critique, Advice, honesty! Let me know!

Well. Here I go. I know it is not news as I haven't been in a newsroom for awhile (but I do keep up with what is going on by asking friends who are still in). I want to return to news as an editor and work my way up from there. Here's my demo reel as a whole. Let'em the advice rip! http://www.youtube.com/photogcowboi30