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  • Brother Nguyen, who knew!?

    I saw your write-up in Shield and Diamond a while back, and just wanted to give you a shout. I couldn't remember if I had yet, or not!?



    Zeta Beta '93
    hey man...glad to see you're photog mug back in here....been really busy...getting stuff together for sweeps and I was moving into a new apartment....then softball started and I play baseball too....not enough hours in the's florida? probably getting hot like here...fill me in on whats going on with you? nay changes in your future?
    Hey Jason...was watching some stories on b-roll TV and came across a natpkg you did on the postal service around christmas time...and it was pretty good....aside from a few dead sound spots...and some tightening up on some nats you used and better fades in/outs of sound wasn't that bad. I can tell you have gotten better since that story but I was impressed with it. Nice.
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