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  • Haha....thanks AJ but wouldn't I be some kind of "jerk" if I only did it for the "thanks"? I know the vets appreciate and I love seeing photogs develop and all I try and do is help in some way.
    Will be very interesting to watch these opening(s)...I suspect you'll get some top-notch applicants, given the current state of local news.
    Can you pass along contact info for your ops manager? Is it Steve or James Eustace(sp)? Also, did they fill the opening for a photog listed on the website? I'm very interested in the positive changes that have taken place over the past few years and would like to try to join a group with such encouraging attitudes!
    I've already sent my materiel to HR, but realize with the holiday season not quite over, it may not be put into the right hands until sometime next week.
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