Hurricanes (Gustav, Hanna, Ike, et al.)


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Now that the worst of Gustav is over, is anyone going to the East Coast to cover Hanna?

Is Charleston, SC the place to be?

Any recommendations for live shot locations and landmarks?



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From many years covering storms in the Carolina's.

Charleston, SC: Battery Park/ pre-storm: beautiful shot of Charleston Harbor, and old houses along the levee.
Foley Beach/ This is a beach area on the south side of the Charleston area. Good surf shots. Some people will ride out the storm in their houses.

Myrtle Beach, SC: The pavilion is a good area, but will have a lot of media there. We ususally went to North Myrtle Beach where there are still plenty of people, but less media.

Wilmington, NC: Carolina Beach is the better place. Be careful not to venture out of the city limits to the south. Kure Beach police don't like you roaming around during the storm, and will arrest you, but the Carolina Beach cops are cool. Wrightsville Beach will kick you out when the storm is approaching, and everyone will gather at the bridge to the island. It's a pain.

Atlantic Beach, NC: This is near Morehead City, and is a pretty good area for storm coverage. It is a barier island, and they will close the bridges when the winds get too strong, but the cops won't make you leave. Some hotels will stay open. Good protection for trucks.

Outer Banks, NC: The temptation is to go all the way down to Hattaras, but if the storm is strong enough, you won't get out. The water surge will wash out the only road in and out. Stay up closer to Nags Head. Lots of larger hotels to protect the trucks and crews.

Good luck.


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I plan on being in Charleston Thursday. Stargazer: Some of those spots are now in my GPS, thanks!

From the few replies, will this be a quiet storm? Or is there a Savannah B-roll party to be planned?

I'm more concerned that a political event may cancel this trip.


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Wilmington, anyone?

We're skipping Charleston now, heading to Wilmington/Wrightville Beach. Any tips, suggestions, recommendations, etc.?


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I'm heading for Nags Head... packing for a week, who knows what' s coming.


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Enjoying the wonderful scene at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Loads of thanks to Lost Focus and to WTVD's Jim Shumacher for the liveshots.

There's great folks to work with and to interview around Wilmington. Our hotel sux, the surf rox. I'll post pix when I figure out how to resize them.

Ike has me concerned, too. We plug away, counting on plans changing after every show. Might be time to stock up on fresh gear for this weekend!

Should we rename this thread "US Coastal Storms" or something??

Good luck all!
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I was in Fay and Gustav,skipping Hanna and heading for Ike this weekend. I would have been in NC, but had 2 shoots during the week.