What the heck...

Chicago Dog

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Personally, I would have preferred a "VJ" to an "OMB" category..... but what can you do?
The "differences" between OMB and VJ are superficial.

One of the "differences" you tout is that VJs don't use tripods. However, entries and winners in the Concentra Awards very obviously used tripods. By your own definition, they don't meet the VJ criteria. Those entries should have been disqualified, not rewarded.

I have a better idea: make your own forum instead of mooching off Kev and then complaining about his decisions.

He's pretty good! I listened to him while typing up my response.


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I've always like "cameraman", seriously. It's a name that everyone in our society knows and understands, regardless of what you're shooting. Simple.

Photojournalist is probably the best term for what the ENG crowd does. Whether you work with a reporter or by yourself, you're a photojournalist. If I was king, the VJ/OMB would just be "solo photojournalists". We could call them solo-phojos. You could even pronounce it sO-lahf-O-jO just to mess with people... if that's your thing.


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Titles are for suckus. I'm just a maker of videos and tv shows. I don't need a crew to do either. Or a title.