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  • that's a cool area.I have a buddy at KMOV who lived in Soulard and we hoisted a few down there.I was down in STL for a dog event a while back and thought it was a shame all these beautiful buildings are sitting idle.
    You starting **** with me, Grinner? Ha, ha... Where'd you come from? Do I know you???? Your attitude and and few other things made me wonder befroe... But, now... I know you, and you know me, but, you know that I know you. So don't you think that I don't know you. And you know that I know who you thought I was once. But, knowing that, I thought I was knowing but not knowing at all but you seem to know. In saying that, knowing you is kinda like knowing me, but not really. Nope, not really. Knowing is knowing.... And maybe that is all we should know, without knowing. Sometimes we want to know without really knowing. That's kinda this situation... I want to know who Grinner is... at the same time I don't . I want to crush a face, and then I don't . Testicles... Yes. Be better to kick the testies!!! Just kidding with you, man. Don't want you throwing a 'lawsuit' on me!
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