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Zacuto Produces Film Vs. DSLR Shootout

The folks at Zacuto, are constantly outdoing themselves. Not only in upping the products they make, but also in producing short films about their love of films. Their long running series, “Filmfellas,” interviews today’s influential filmakers – while being shot like a feature film. This is where most people were introduced to charismatic, British DSLR […]

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Philip Bloom Shoots the 7D

The MacGyver of digital video cameras, Philip Bloom can shoot beautiful images on just about anything. And his string of video product reviews, world travels and active blog somehow leave him time to try every new camera that is released. This weekend, Bloom took a break from his F-Stop Academy in Dublin to shoot with […]

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Bloom at Miller Booth

Stories from NAB09

I always have grand plans when I hit the floor of NAB. Meet with vendors. Learn about new products. Take pictures. Shoot video. Edit stories and get them on b-roll.net as quickly as possible. Looks easy on paper, but even with the great assistance that I’ve had over the years (Stewart Pittman, Chris Weaver, Brad […]

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Philip Bloom and the JVC GY-HM700 HD

UK shooter and review artist, Philip Bloom takes a look at the new JVC GY-HM700 HD Camcorder. I saw this in person at the recent Northern Short Course. It’s a cool little camera with the cheapest “tapeless” media you can buy ($16 for 8GB cards from Amazon). There is definitely a battle in this “small […]

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Philip Bloom Reviews the Letus EX3 Relay

If you want a tight depth of field on a Sony EX3, Philip Bloom (http://philipbloom.co.uk/), a UK based cameraman, may have found the perfect thing. The Letus EX3 Relay is a DOF adapter that allows you to use film lenses on a video camera. The added control and ability to capture more film-like depth-of-field make […]

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Philip Bloom Looks at Panasonic’s HPX-301e

Philip Bloom (http://philipbloom.co.uk/), a UK based cameraman, has put together an amazing video review of the NEW Panasonic HPX-301e (basically the European version of the HPX-300 being discussed on the b-roll.net FORUM). Take a look at the great images and honest review of the newest camera from Panasonic. Review of Panasonic HPX 301 e By […]

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