What is b-roll.net?

Looking for b-roll? Try Storyblocks

I’m sure a few folks stumble onto our site looking to find b-roll for their project. Why not check out Storyblocks.

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b-roll.net FORUM

Before there was Facebook… Before there was the YouTube comment section… Before there was Twitter trolls… There was the b-roll.net FORUM. A community space to share idea about TV news shooting and maybe talk some smack along the way as well.

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b-roll.net ARCHIVES

b-roll.net was created in 1996 as a community for Television News Photographers around the world. The first social media for photogs developed into a discussion forum, a video posting platform and a repository for community knowledge of TV tips and tricks.

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b-roll.net TV

In the early days of the internet, talented TV photogs from around the world posted their work on b-roll.net TV.  We’ve kept the archives going strong.

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The b-roll.net TEAM

Quality video production has become more important than ever. Anyone can shoot with their cellphone, so if you want your product to stand out from the crowd, have a video artist do it for you. Let us find a crew for your next shoot. Email us at info@b-roll.net and we’ll Read More