Philip Bloom Shoots the 7D

September 8, 2009 discussion, lead

The MacGyver of digital video cameras, Philip Bloom can shoot beautiful images on just about anything. And his string of video product reviews, world travels and active blog somehow leave him time to try every new camera that is released.

This weekend, Bloom took a break from his F-Stop Academy in Dublin to shoot with a pre-production model of the new Canon 7D.  I realize the SLR form factor may not be the best for video, but ever since I witnessed the 5D video from Vincent Laforet, I’ve been fascinated by what these cameras can do. I know it’s blasphemous to utter, but I believe film is dead.

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  1. detoxtechy says:

    7D seems like it is packed with more features than the 5D MKii. now i am having a hard time choosing which one to buy.

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