b-roll.net AWARDS

Only 1 More Day to Enter b-roll.net AWARDS

Time is ticking away. You only have until 12 noon ET on January 10, 2009 to upload and enter your clip in the b-roll.net AWARDS. As I write this, there are only 1 day left (see the official time clock below). Once voting begins, contest entry will be locked. Hundreds of clips have already been entered, but your clips should be there too! Not only can you win a beautiful…

How to Enter a Video in the b-roll.net AWARDS

These instructions assume you’ve already uploaded your clip. If you need help uploading your clip, check out these tips. Uploading your video to b-roll.net TV is only half the fun. After your beautiful clip is in our system, we want to make sure it’s entered into the correct category. When you’re uploading your video, you are asked what “channel” you’d like the video to be in. Please keep in mind…

How to Upload to b-roll.net TV

b-roll.net TV is an exciting resource. It allows you to quickly and easily upload your video and share it with our audience of video professionals. Here is a your basic cheat sheet for uploading your video to b-roll.net TV. Step 1) Edit your clip in your choice of editor and export it as a digital file. Our system can accept clips in a variety of extensions:  3gp | mp4 |…

Durlach Wins b-roller of the YEAR

Dynamic Storyteller Sets the Standard as First b-roller of the YEAR by Brigette Polmar “I try my best to pay attention to details, to things other people may miss.” By capturing every detail, Darren Durlach’s outstanding photography is rarely missed, especially by b-roll.net members who voted to make the 26-year-old Baltimore shooter the first-ever b-roller of the YEAR. “It’s been overwhelming. It’s been really cool,” said Durlach of winning the…

How WFAA Became the First b-roll.net Super Station

by Brigette Polmar Peruse the list of winning entries in the first annual b-roll.net AWARDS and you’ll start to see a pattern of four repeating letters: W-F-A-A. In fact, out of hundreds of entries from across the country photographers from Dallas-Fort Worth’s WFAA placed in all five core categories of the peer-judged contest and appeared five times in the supplemental categories, as well.

First look at the b-roll.net AWARDS trophy

Imagine your name engraved on this trophy. Don’t worry… my name won’t be on the bottom of YOUR trophy. Only a few days until the b-roll.net AWARDS begin. More information is available at: http://b-roll.net/awards More videos are located at: http://b-roll.net/awards/video/

Kimberlea with more info on the b-roll.net AWARDS

Only 11 days until the start of the b-roll.net AWARDS. Here’s more information from Kimberlea. More information is available at: http://b-roll.net/awards More videos coming at: http://b-roll.net/awards/video/