tips & tricks

It Looks Hot Out There

From: SGT W Brian Watkins, Washington, D.C., US Army Visual Information Center (USAVIC), Television Division (Remote) Here’s a tip I picked up…that works really well for creating heat waves in your shot. Set up a light on a stand about a foot in front of your lens. Tilt the light so it’s perpendicular to the ground (so that your shooting over the light). We all know how hot lights get….

You’re All Wet!

From: Matt Walters, Photojournalist, KFSN-TV I’m not sure if this has been submitted before, but I thought I would pass it along anyway. It’s my favorite alternative use for traffic cones. If you’re set up for a live shot and the sprinkers go off, just grap one (or more) of your orange friends, and drop them on top of the sprinkler head. It takes care of the immediate problem, and…

What Doesn’t IKEA Sell?

From: Phil Fraboni, E.N.G. Camera / Editor — CHtv Hamilton, ON aka HamCam I came across this lamp dimmer while doing a "Get your closets organized" story at IKEA. It could be used nicely to dim a table lamp that we all love to set in the background of our shots. Nine times out of ten the lamps are not the 3 step dimming type. So just plug this dimmer…

Trapper Keeper Rules!

From: Jeff Cools Here’s a great way to safe some time with your light gels. I cut them down to approx 9×12 and punched holes in the one side using a paper hole punch. Then I gathered them all together and put them in a school binder. I seperated the different colored gels with a white sheet of paper and now the gels are safe and easy to get to.

Don’t Get Blown Away

From: Mike Sellers, KPLC-TV I don’t have a windscreen for my lav, but a photog from KLFY showed me a trick once that works just as well, if not better. If your subject is wearing a shirt that has a button front (regular button-down or polo), clip the lav with the mic between the fabric. Placement of the subject helps as well, but its a great trick, and doesn’t look…

It Takes Two Buildings to Tango

From: Jim Robinson News Reporter / Photographer WLUC TV 6 (NBC) Escanaba, MI Want a creative way to make tall buildings really have personality? Get as close the building as you can, like 5 feet or less. Take your camera and point it straight up and down. Place the camera, so the battery back is on your knee, then pivot your leg slowly from left to right or vice versa….

Water Cooler Talk

From: J.D Dworkin WPIX-11 NY Need a little bit of extra nat sound but your station doesn’t have good mic equipment? Try this trick and see what happens. Go to your nearest water cooler and take a few of those cone cups. Cut the cone tip off the bottom of one. Take your simple little lav mic and put it inside the hole. Now… role. Yep, your done. An extra…