What Doesn’t IKEA Sell?

June 1, 2002 tips & tricks

From: Phil Fraboni, E.N.G. Camera / Editor — CHtv Hamilton, ON aka HamCam

I came across this lamp dimmer while doing a "Get your closets organized" story at IKEA. It could be used nicely to dim a table lamp that we all love to set in the background of our shots. Nine times out of ten the lamps are not the 3 step dimming type. So just plug this dimmer inline with the lamp and presto… set the level to your liking. Mind you I have not field tested it yet to see whether there is any hum. But it is only for accent lighting not for the Key/Fill/Back lights. It was a pretty good deal too… only 20 Bucks… Canadian that is.


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  2. ray lapine says:

    These kinds of dimmers work very well low wattage pro lights (100-200 watts) altho tech types wil not like the fact that you have to use a three prong/two prong adapter. If you are using 650’s they will blow the light at full power. I found it easier to adjust the dimmers than to move the lights, but you have to be careful of white balance. They cost about 8 to 10 bucks US at Home Depot or something similar

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