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Hand-Crafted Battery Powered Light Kits

From: John P. Creel II Like it or not we are moving away from using ENG and SNG trucks for live shots.  With that goes the generator necessary for running our lights.  At nighttime and in bad weather it creates a black hole behind the talent remedied only by AC on location. There are many ways to solve that problem, from portable generators, ac inverters, to battery powered lights.  Generators…

Storm Lens Coverage| HACKS

Our favorite Kiwi, Stephen “Cameragod” Press, with another HACK. Basically, telling you to steal from your hotel… just leave the towels, robe and mini-bar alone!

Let the Voices in Your Head Guide Your Sports Coverage | HACKS

Stephen Press joins us again with a little hack to help you on the sidelines.

Cyndy’s Windy HACK

The awesome contributions continue – with another great tip I found in my email ( from Cyndy Green. Two quick tips on how to stop a breezy day from ruining your audio. Enjoy…

Cameragod Introduces HACKS

Our Kiwi-in-Chief, New Zealander, Stephen Press, has started a new segment of Simply dubbed, “ HACKS.” The HACK here is great – and we love the concept of YOU telling us how to do it better. Video tape your tips and send your HACKS to

Visualize your Field of View

There used to be a time when you could base all your lens selection on that of 35mm lenses. You knew the field of view that you’d get and could use terms like 28-80mm to describe an all-purpose zoom lens. The problem these days is almost every camera and format uses a different pickup size and thus a 50mm lens on one doesn’t match a 50mm lens on another. The…

How to Back Focus an XDCAM EX Camera

From: CineTechnica

New technology brings smaller cameras and smaller controls. The new changeable lens EX cameras from Sony have a much more menu driven method to correct the back focus.

Andy Shipsides of AbelCine takes us through the process.