Site Hints at Sony’s Newest PMW-EX1R

XDCAMUPDATE: Site has been pulled down. See full specs here.

The detectives at the FORUM have uncovered a link to an equipment store that already has the newest EX camera listed, the PMW-EX1R. According to the site, the EX1R will have the same form factor as the former EX1 (no shoulder mount yet), but it adds some nice features.

Major New Functions
SD Recording
HDMI Output
New View Finder
Cache Rec
One Push Auto Iris
Major Improvements

Camera holding improvement
One push mode change for S&Q
Quicker Start
Switches and Jog Dial improvements

Sony’s big announcement is scheduled for tomorrow (10/20), so we’ll have to wait and see if anything else is coming down the pike.

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  1. SAD says:


    I have been going back and forth between the EX 1 and EX3. My understanding is that major differences are an interchangable lens and a shoulder mount.

    Has anyone had “real world” experience with either? And does the new EX1R make the case to purchase that over the EX3?

    My main concerns are the quality of low light shooting, depth of field quality while shooting interviews with exsisting lens (indoors w/ 3-point lighting) and whether the camera is generally well-balanced (making the case or not for the shoulder mount)

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

  2. David Schwartz says:

    Hi SAD,

    I’ve used both the EX1 and the EX3. In terms of low light sensitivity and depth of feld, the cameras are exactly the same. The chip block is the same and the lens on the EX3 is just a removable version of the lens on the EX1. Neither camera is well balanced and both would benefit greatly from adding some sort of shoulder mount rig for hand held shooting. The shoulder pad on the EX3 is really more of a rifle stock-like thing that sticks straight out the back of the camera so you can press it into your chest while holding the camera. It doesn’t stick out very far, so you wil find yourself hunched over the camera while holding it tightly to your body. It’s marginally better than holding the EX1 in your hands, but I would not choose the EX3 over the EX1 solely on the basis of the shoulder mount.

    What the EX3 does have to recommend itself are the removabe lens and the fantastic eyepiece. If you do a lot of shooting in bright exteriors, the EX3 eyepiece will make your life easier, because it gives you a sharp, isolated view of that beautiful LCD screen. The eyepiece on the back of the EX1 is not as sharp as the LCD screen, and I find that the rear mount makes for lousy operating ergonomics both on sticks and hand held.

    The EX3 also offers time code in/out, genlock, and remote control capability, so if you anticipate any studio or multicam scenarios these features will be extremely useful.

    Finally, the EX3 offers two features over the EX1, but these features are now included in the EX1R. Slow and Quick functions (overcrank and undercrank) are accessed by a dedicated button so you don’t have to dig down into the menus, and the LCD image can be inverted for use with a lens adapter system.

    A quick look at some prices puts the EX3 only a few hundred $US over the EX1R, so if it was my choice I would go for the EX3. The regular model EX1 is still hands down the best camera bargain ever, and should drop in price even more with the introduction of the EX1R. If absolute lowest bottom line price is important, the EX1 is the call.

  3. SAD says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your info. I currently use a V1U (was talked out of a Z1U) and while it’s okay…I have–among other things– never been happy with the noise during low light shooting when lighting the place would not have been feasible….and as a result, I have lost confidence.

    I saw a side-by-side with the Ex3 and PD150/170 which have been the low-light “champs” for years and noticed the EX3 did well.

    Has your experience on that end been positive?

    It’s a roll of the dice…but while I don’t expect changing out lenses or doing much studio work…you are always “one call away”… and it may make sense to get the EX3.

    Btw–how did you transport…I am the dreaded “backpack” journalist–don’t hate me. Is it difficult to fit with the large viewfinder?

    Thank again!


  4. Zion says:


    Does anyone have some information about the price here in US?

    over or under 7000 $


  5. SAD says:

    Hi Zion…

    While B&H has the price at $7,700 I have been told by a reliable vendor that the “actual” price may be roughly 2% over the cost of the EX1.

    Hope that helps.

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