Secret 9V Hiding Place

March 28, 2008 tips & tricks

From: Tom Cassidy, Chief Photogapher, WPIX-TV New York

This is a trick/tip for Ultralight users. Ok, you’re a million miles away from the crew car and you of course didn’t bring a run bag. Now it’s time for some MOS or an impromptu presser and the 9V in your TX or RX is flaking out. Well if you use an Anton Bauer Ultralight then simply tilt the light head up and in the small cavity underneath will be your backup 9V discreetly taped in place! Problem solved!!! Of course having your run bag is a better option but as we all know; stuff happens.


  1. Tyna Poulin says:

    For those of us without Ultralights, I like to keep a spare 9V and AA in the portabrace camera cover. Right at the bottom of the pouch where the rain gear comes out.

  2. Nathan Thompson says:

    Is there any chance that a battery in this position in the ultralight might heat up enough to cause a problem if the light is being used for an extended period of time. I have a feeling if one engineer at my station saw this, he would have a fit.

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