Do It Yourself TV

tv-station.jpgHow many times have you been frustrated with your station’s management and said those famous words… “If I owned the TV station, I’d do things differently.”? Well, now is your chance.

A UHF TV station is up for sale in Muskegon, Michigan (home of Ice Breaking Live Trucks?), and they’ve decided to sell it through the most prestigious of re-sellers…

According to the eBay listing:

“This is a working TV Station UHF. It has been on the air 16 years has a new transmitter and all accessories, studio cameras 8 Satellite dishes. Comes with a Commercial Building next to a express way with easy on and easy off.”

And the recommended uses?

“This station is a 24-hour broadcast station, it could be used as a christian station and receive donations, or be made into a full time shopping station.”

Start saving your pennies. If you can’t wait until the auction is complete, the “Buy It Now” price is only $750,000.

Thanks to Bryan Tulwits for the tip…


  1. Tim78 says:

    The truck that went through the ice was in the Milwuakee, WI area, not Muskegon, MI.

  2. Capitol Beat says:

    “Who wants to drink from the Firehose!”

  3. HokiePhotog says:

    I prefer wheel of fish myself…

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