Cruisin’ with the Windows Down

November 30, 2005 tips & tricks

From: Mark VanDike Chief Photog, WMBB News 13, Panama City, FL
Here in Florida with hurricanes and torrential rain, our reporters would have problems coming out of the rainy weather into an air conditioned building. As every photog knows the tape will humidify, and when one starts to edit, the tape jams. What I’ve told reporters here is to drive around with all the windows down and no air on while they are out getting a story. With the camera staying at the same temp while shooting and traveling it eliminates the humidity getting into the camera as quickly. Once they finish shooting they should take out the tape, but still leave the windows down. Once they get back to the station take the tape directly to the tape deck since interior temperature of the tape deck would be a little closer to the temperature of the outdoors rather than the temperature of the cool air in the newsroom.

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