Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

April 10, 2005 tips & tricks

From: Peter Warren CSC, Freelance Videographer, Ottawa, Canada
Here is a great trick for shooting in tight spaces. How many times have you shot some one working on a computer that is right up against the wall. It makes it very difficult to get a face shot. To solve this, I use a mirror (12″ X 15″) I simply place it against the wall at just the right angle so that I can see the reflection of the person in the mirror. Don’t worry about crossing the axis, the editor can simply flip it in post. This trick works extremely well in cars as well. Use putty or modelers clay to stick the mirror to the dash, it gives you an angle you will have never gotten before.

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  1. Ben says:

    Another way around this is to push the subject out from desk so there is room enough for the camera to edge in and keep the subject looking at the screen.

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