Pen Tape Dispenser

February 18, 2005 tips & tricks

From: Zach Love, WLFI Lafayette, IN
In an effort to save space in my gear bag I take an old pen and slowly wrap gaffer tape around the pen in loops until I get to about a 2″ diameter. I find if I ever need some tape quickly it is right there and it is a lot smaller / lighter than carrying an entire roll around w/ me everywhere.


  1. Baylink says:

    Wrap it around your mini-mag… then you can more comfortably hold it between your teeth, should you need to…

  2. Russ Weseman says:

    I keep about a 1/2 inch of gaff tape wrapped around the leg of my Gitzo Tripod leg. If I have my camera, I have my tripod too…

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