Lend Me Some Shade

February 1, 2005 tips & tricks

From: Francis J Juarez

Everybody talks about the cold weather, gloves, cold, cold, cold… I film a documentary on Israel, the temperature at 2pm was around 115 and there is no Shadow any where. The cameras start malfunctioning, LCD start melting, so here is my FREE and USEFUL tip: A simple umbrella for the baby strollers, (for the rain, wind etc…), you attach the umbrella to the camera very Easy (normally baby umbrellas, have like a grip arm to attach to any stroller, is flexible, and you save the equipment, that is the most important thing. You can laugh and you can thing looks funny, but for $6 to 10 and less than 10 OZ. you save your camera, your work and your job.

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