Saran Wrap It

December 22, 2004 tips & tricks

From: Dave Oglevie, Seattle

While doing the dishes the other evening I came across an odd piece of semi-clear plastic with a springy wrap that my wife was using to cover a bowl of leftovers. I have always carried a disposable shower cap (taken from various hotels) as a cheap lens cover for when it rains. When you live in Seattle you keep your eyes open for this type of protection. The shower caps kept falling off because they were too large.

Anyway, it turns out that there is a much better product for covering lenses than the shower caps. Saran(wrap) has some things called Quick Covers. They were out of production for several years but now they are back and the small size works like a custom fit lens cover. I tried it on both my 15X Fuji lens shade and also on my Canon J8X6 wideangle lens hoods. It is much snugger that the shower cap. It will not blow off in the wind. These should be available at any supermarket. I just purchased three boxes to cover me thru our winter wet season. A couple of bucks per box is much easier on the wallet that some of the other soft lens covers that are out there on the market.

Oh, yeah, while in the kitchen I also steal my wife’s flour sack dishcloths. After a few washing they don’t shed lint, are very soft and dry quickly. The only drawback is that the emboidery that her grandmother did on the cloths can get you a glance or two from by-standers…

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