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December 14, 2004 tips & tricks

From: Mike Venable, Chief Photographer, WLFL

How many times have you gone into an old house or office and could not find a plug in? Especially a plug in with 3 holes (1-for the ground). My solution, I went to Home Depot and bought a “light bulb fixture” screw in adapter, plug in. Just remove the bulb from the lamp, screw your AC adapter in and it is magic! Camera power or a light. (Just remember, most homes cannot take more than a 20 amp load.}…A true helpful, small piece expendable, that may save your shoot. Good Shootin!

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  1. Baylink says:

    In fact, even a permanently mounted light fixture in a residence is almost certainly on a 15A circuit, and that adapter itself is likely rated for much less; 6-8A is the most you should expect to pull on a continuous basis though such an adapter.

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