Stay Focused

February 23, 2003 tips & tricks

From: Nigel "Nige" Fox

This one was taught to me many years ago by an old film news cameraman who had moved across to video.

You focus at your subject who may be at the long end of the lens… then move your camera to an item in the foreground. You focus on the item in the foreground using the Macro.

As you pan / tilt up / make your move you throw from macro to wide for that perfect in focus shot.

I used this technique to good effect when shooting a pool player, as the ball went down the hole (in perfect focus) I merely panned up to him while throwing the macro to start the interview. This gave a “pocket” P.O.V. and an interesting angle to start the interview. To get out of the shot I merely got him to sink another ball while I followed said ball in to the hole. Nice simple and very effective.

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