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April 15, 2001 tips & tricks

I’m interested in the tricks you all use to warm up the image for interviews? I’ve tried a bastard amber gel on the 3200k light. It made the face almost too "warm" or orange. I’ve also heard about using a 1/4 CTB to white balance through. Does this work? I’ll take any tips and suggestions you have for creating a "warm and soft" image.

Dave R.

Try using a 1/2 or #1 "coral" filter or 1/2 pro warm pro-mist filter. There’s also a lighting gels called "cosmetic rouge".
Its sort of a light reddish frost or a yellowish gel called "straw".

Another method is to use dimmers. White balance with lights up full, then dim the key. The color temp. of the light will warm up as you dim the light.

A few good resources for info: , and


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