A Little Off the Top

April 10, 2001 tips & tricks

From: Jeff Bush Asst. Chief Photojournalist, KTNV

Make every interview look like you brought out one of the lights in your kit. Time can be a factor sometimes in our job and we need use a Frezzi instead. I’ve mounted my Frezzi on a light stand. Now, I have good lighting wherever I go. No more of that crappy, flat lighting that you can only get by mounting a light in the worst possible place, on the camera (god I hate that!). The problem is that most light stands won’t take a Frezzi. I made an adaptor out of a thick broom handle and a screw to tighten the adaptor to the stand. It took a few prototypes but I finally got it to work. Next, I hung my BP-90 from some nylon cord and wrapped a bungee cord around that. I can throw this thing around all over the place. This has proved to be one of my most important pieces of equipment.

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