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March 30, 2001 tips & tricks

From: Kevin Johnson, WVEC, Norfolk, VA

During hurricane coverage in North Carolina, we piggy backed live shots with a station in Raleigh. Their photog set up the shot with some creative touches. First, we put ourselves in a gazebo. This may sound like we were trying to wimp out in the rain, but with 40-50 mph winds, the rain goes horizontal. What this allowed was better stability for our lights. The light stands were set up and then tied to the post of the gazebo. Sand bags would have done nothing to help keep them vertical. Secondly, the photog pulled out his dichroic filter for the back light. When the camera was balanced to the tungsten front light, the back light had a blue “moonlight” quality. If gave more of a feel of being “in the elements.”

I’ve pull that trick out occasionally, with mixed reactions. I like the effect, but I’ve had to explain to many truck engineers yelling for me to white balance, that I meant for it to look that way.

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