WDJT live truck mast hits power lines


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Wow. I'm at a shock at how the crew didn't see those numerous power lines on such a bright clear day. We're not talking about one powerline at dusk or after dark. Anyone have any info on the make-up of the staff at this station? Lot of turnover? Vets? Newbies? VJ's?

UPDATE: Now that I actually read the article I see they drove off with the mast up. This amazes me. When I was working local news, our live trucks would not go into gear if the mast was up. It was a great safety feature that prevented this kind of accident from happening. I'm surprised it isn't federal law to require that safety feature on ALL vehicles with telecoping masts.
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"...I think there's a little bit of embarrassment here..."

Multiplied ten-fold by the coverage of their competitors of course!

Glad everyone's ok though...

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Does this station train their photogs?
That's a damn scary question with an equally scary answer: I doubt it. Why else would they have three live truck accidents in the span of five years? Even one is too many.

Does OSHA get involved when there's a live truck accident?

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How do you drive away with 30 foot mask up? Doesn't the truck rock and roll with that extra top heavy weight?


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If I was asked to operate a live truck and it didn't have hydro sensors and drive off lockout, I would simply refuse. I would rather work at Walmart. After 20 years on live trucks I refuse to put my life at risk for a corporation. Any and every live truck operator, no matter how much training or experience, is capable of making a life threatening mistake. That's why the safety devices exist.