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  • Hi Starman,

    I really do like the PMW-320. What will really help is a nice HD glass on the front. I have seen 1/2 HD glass going pretty cheap. In my part of the woods, EX is what clients want. And with the extra money saved, you can get a NanoFlash.

    I want a NanoFlash so bad, my none of my cameras had SDI out. And you can use it as a portable player/recorder. Great buy for under $3k plus cards.

    I don't think the clients will care. As long you give them a pretty pictures and have the tools(lights/sound/skills) to make them shine. And hand them a drive with the files...

    I just talked with a buddy in Houston, he said he mostly gets calls for P2, but someone else told me from 1-800 TV Crews that XDCAM EX was hot. I really want to get that PMW320. I just want to be sure that it will be used. I am planning on placing a banner ad on and telling all the crew booking agencies that I now have XDCAM EX. What do you think?
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