Today I....


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Spent the day alternately chasing after and running from a major wildfire northwest of L.A.... Just got home and took a 20 minute shower...still can't get rid of the smoke-smell...These fires never cease to amaze


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...shot video of flags at half-staff in honor of the late Gerald Ford. Why is it that flags never fly nicely when we're trying to get beauty shots? I felt like getting up there with a really big fan...


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Happened upon a double fatal accident this morning. Car was making a left turn and broadsided another vehicle and both overturned. A couple in their 70's died as a result of the accident. They were in a small four-door toyota.


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My Day Off

I was running my company car into town for an overdue Jiffy Lube visit when I heard some chatter on the county and state police channels about assisting Frederick City with a barricade. A shooter had robbed a liquor store and shot at police when they arrived, barricading himself in the store. I dropped a line to the station and decided to sneak up for a look.

A few minutes later I was 150' away from the building with my camera up on the sticks. Also the station's helicopter was on a story nearby so it was overhead. Since it was a day off I figured I'd probably blow out of there soon (officially I was not on the clock, but I was curious.)

As I was chatting it up with a local businessman I began to smell smoke - the perp has set the building on fire. Moments later police were rescuing the people who had sheltered in place in the other businesses, smoke billowed in the air, flames, firemen arriving and then held from the scene because of the gunman - all right in front of me.

Indeed the police worked to drive the crowds back but didn't say boo to me (I personally thanked several afterward - working in DC the change was refreshing to say the least.)

In the end I got a friend of the perp to talk on camera (he had spoken to the shooter on the phone moments before he torched the place) and hung out fort he 5,6, and 7 pm shows...

Favorite moment of the day; as the smoke began to rise and the cops began to run I dropped a line to the assignment desk: "Raul, put me on the ****in clock he torched the place!!!!"

It's been a long time since I had a day like this.

Oh yeah, I still need the lube.


Yesterday it was an officer being shot and killed by a 15 year old kid.
Today was a couple of bone head ice fishermen stuck on an ice flow that broke away from shore and a sit down interview with the chief of police. The chief interview was hard as hell to shoot with all the emotion.


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Spent the better part of the afternoon listening to a longtime freelancer/friend talk about hanging it up...Tired of getting the shaft all the time...Shot a house fire earlier which included the dramatic rescue of an elderly resident. He broke the story to all the stations in the market. One of the local duopolies told him to sit tight - they were sending a reporter for a package and would take his footage. Three hours later they show up, and then instead get free home video from an amateur/resident - shaky as hell and with in-camera displays shown on tape - but free. My friend, who broke the story to this desk, loses out on 2 sales... That would kind of piss me off too...


Shot my first nat pak at the local livestock show and carnival. Only had 40 mins to shoot and 40 mins to edit. Came out pretty good considering the time frame. Everyone complimented me on it and one anchor said he thought it was one of the best nat/paks he's seen out of our station. It was nothing fancy but it was different from the everyday stuff.


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Three hours later they show up, and then instead get free home video from an amateur/resident - shaky as hell and with in-camera displays shown on tape - but free. My friend, who broke the story to this desk, loses out on 2 sales... That would kind of piss me off too...
I hope you pass this story along to every stringer in the area. Hopefully those pricks will never get any decent, non-staffer footage again!



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Another Damn Monday

Monday is my day off. I was up in town on business and happened to drop by the Giant on the Golden Mile around 3:15p today. On my way out I saw at least six Frederick City police cars roar by.

Curious, I followed. The Frederick City police radios are encrypted, so I didn't have a clue where I was going or what would be there.

I ended up a Danielle Dr with at least 10 police cars and miles of crime scene tape beginning to roll out. Then fire side placed a nonemergency call for the expired patient. Okay, so my Spidy - Sense (tm) says it's a murder. For that I called the station and got out my camera.

Awhile later the Lt. came over and talked to me off camera. He told me I was looking at multiple child victims and the father hung. The flies in the windows indicated they had been there awhile.

Over the next few hours we found out Mom's been missing a week, children had not been in school for a couple days, four children aged 1-9 dead in their beds. Ugh. Breaking news live shots for my station and one for CNN.

I'm beginning to hate Mondays.


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(rewind to Sunday, 4/29/07, mid-afternoon)

Was sent out on a VOSOT, had to wait 20 minutes for my reporter to go find a shirt that went better with his jeans (thought to myself "why didn't you put that shirt on in the first place?")...

Arrived at VOSOT, got call from newsroom saying an officer had been shot in the arm and to go there, but they still wanted us to shoot the VOSOT first. Brilliant.

After shooting the free advertisement, started heading to the cop shooting, when the scanner starts going nuts about a shooting at the Ward Parkway Mall. Race to the mall, and soon realize this isn't just another shooting, some wackjob has gone through the mall shooting anyone and anything in sight.

And the kicker is the mall is two blocks from my house.

Oh, and that VOSOT never made air. awesome.


Covered a nasty homicide in South daytona. THe suspect, "big boy", allegedly murdered an 18 year old girl, stuffed the body into a garbage can, then wheeled it down the street at 11am in front of the whole nieghborhood to a block away, some city (wastewater?)lift station where he left it to be found within the hour by a cop. The neighbors told us and the cops what they had seen, they took big boy in for questioning, decided they didnt have enough evidence and let him go after a search warrant of his house was served. Luckily, they served a second search warrant the next day and finally arrested and charged him with the murder. The murder happened monday morning, he was arrested for good late tuesday evening.


Maybe not today but two days ago we were covering a shooting at a local school where a boy brought a gun to his school to potentially shoot his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him. Thankfully no one was hurt or killed. We asked if we could get video of where the one shot was fired. The principal walked us to the hallway where it happened and said, "You can shoot anywhere in this area." LOL I nearly busted out laughing when she caught herself saying that.


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Today I covered a shooting that had 2 on the east side of town and the other on the west side of town...
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