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Best investment I ever made...maybe even better than the wife???? :D I does a lot of work and never complains about it! ;)


My original Leatherman never leaves my side. I bought a new Wave Leatherman and have thoughts about retiring my trusty old companion. I keep waiting for it to break. Damn thing is made to well! :D


Hi Tim, I knew you would come. As you can see, we like, we like alot.

Browse around the site a while. There are PST users everywhere, and, as they say, "we feel naked without one".

Anyhow, welcome and enjoy your stay.
Thanks Gil for informing me of this site. Finally made it. Thanks to all who made favorable comments about LEATHERMAN. Our competitor's make good products too. If nothing else, they keep us on our toes, trying ever harder to design and manufacture tools that will convince you to make your next tool a LEATHERMAN. P.S. I happily accept the nerd label. The red apron gives me lots of extra pockets for all the junk I carry around.


Well folks, at least the leader of one of our suppliers actually talks to us in person! Try that with Canon, Sony, Ikegami, etc.

It's a simple tool, but a tool that has gotten us out of every jam imaginable.

Here's to ya. Tim, and your little invention


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I've been out at big shoots and been using my Leatherman and had photog or truck op from like CNN or other big news network come up and compare Leathermans or swap stories. I've gotten to the point where if I don't put it on in the morning I feel lopsided with only my pager on the other hip.
As to this post:
Originally posted by turtlevision:
Sorry... but Gerber makes a superior product.
Prove it. All you did is throw out your opinion.

<Sore Shoulder>

I love my Wave. Thanx, Tim. I love that it has a mini Mag Lite. I use it almost every day--at work and home. And as the others have stated, when you forget it (or can't have it) you relize how much you need it. :cool:


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I wish I had a Leatherman. I keep asking my wife for one for Christmas/Fathers day--but I end up getting something else, like a CD or a bottle of cologne. No complaints though... I just wished I had a Leatherman. Maybe next year...
Um... you could buy one your self? You do get a pay check don't you? Should we start a "Buy Mark a Leatherman" fund? Try the web. E-bay might have some cheap ones.

I used mine so much when I was freelancing that I wore it out! I sent it back to Leatherman with a letter explainging that I couldn't make TV with out it. They sent me a new one with in a week! That will make me stick with the brand no matter what some one else comes out with.
My Gerber Rocks. Sharp Blade, good tools, and the pliers that "slide out" with a flip of the wrist when you need it quick. I've had it for 5 years and it has no rust. I had a Leatherman before I got into ENG so I don't know if it's applications work well in the world of news.


I have a PS II and I don't go anywhere without it..I did have a Gerber at one time but I wasn't impressed...the Leatherman is a superior product.


Just got a Supertool 200 as a very late, but unexpected Christmas present.

I think it'll be a great compliment to my leatherman micra. The micra has been great for me, but sometimes its a bit unruly when attached to a keychain.

As far as the whole "slide out pliers" gerber guys&gals, my new leatherman is out and ready to go with 2 quick flicks of the wrist. :p


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I love my leatherman. Its just an old PSII but is invaluable. I had a Gerber tool, but I borke a couple tools- I think their metals are inferior.

Also, the only real advantage to a Gerber is the flip out pliers. But once you're broken in your Leatherman one flick of the wrist (a la butterfly knife) and the pliers are out.


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Gerber..the baby food. Because associating that word with either babyfood or sharp pointy objects...

I have a Micra on a carabiner that stays on the camera strap. I got a Wave from the local SWAT crew when I shouted "hey that guy is out of his handcuffs..." Never saw so many guys rushing a drug dealer at once. A while ago, the Sony rep visiting gave out a few Charge XTI's with the Sony logo on the knife. By far the best thing with Sony's name on it.