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I love mine. I had it for about 8 years now. I have even filed through locks to get in Firetowers in the Adirondack mountains.


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I bought the leatherman Crunch about 6 months
ago after reading the review here at b-roll.
I absolutely love it. My blade got a little
dull though after I sliced through a tin
pop can, I have to pick up one of those
serated blade sharpeners.

<Some Guy in Texas>

I've had mine for about 8 years too. Used it for everything from car repair to minor field surgery (had to pull some cactus needles out of my leg with the pliers, nothing else around that could do it) which smarted just a bit. The can opener and other stuff come in handy, carry a pocket knife so the blade doesn't get used much.

Circle of Confusion

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I have one of the original Leatherman tools, which was the weapon of choice for film guys. Actually, there were two camps, the Leatherman guys and the weirdos who preferred the Gerbers, but the Leatherman seemed to have won out overall. Gerbers are for little girls who just want pretty things.

When the Supertool came out, I bought one, and I've used everything in it (including the "bone saw"). I carry both in my truck, the original in my run bag and the Supertool in the EMT pouch on my pistol belt. I carry two because sometimes you need a pair of pliers in both hands (heh heh). I also have a Micra that I carry sometimes, but it has a problem and needs to go back (to take advantage of that lifetime guarantee).

I liked them all so much that I bought more of them as gifts for most of my family. My mom used to keep the Leatherman Mini-tool I gave her in her purse, and she found that she used it often. I believe my dad bought extra ones to keep in his various vehicles.

I'll probably eventually buy a crunch, but the original and the Supertool are so damned good I don't have a pressing need for it.

Here's the guy who created it:

Tim Leatherman -- proving that deep down, everyone loves nerds.


I've had a PST since 1993 or so. It has come in handy on many, many occasions (including once when I used it as a weapon!). I've loosened it up to the point that it works like a butterfly knife now, so not even the gerber geeks have anything on me.

I also bought a supertool a while back, I carry it in my bike pouch (and I, too, have found several uses for the "bone saw"). Then, I bought a micra. I have a maglite solitaire hooked to it, so now I always have light and tools in my pocket. It's come in handy on several occasions when I needed to light my bubble level on my sticks before a late-night live shot, or for taking the door off my tape transport to clear a bad jam in the field.

The newest addition to my set has been a PST II. It isn't that much different from the PST to warrant replacement, but I found a brand new one for $25 at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL. Couldn't pass it up.

Circle, the guarantee is 25 years, not life. Hurry up and send that one in before its too late!

<Love the Wave...>

...and the VERY handy flashlight holder rocks...BIG IMPROVEMENT and worth putting my still good Leatherman in a travel bag. Why? No getting a Leatherman on board anymore, ever! :(


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I am now on my second Leatherman, and I can't live without it. The days where I don't have it (either because I forgot it or I am shooting in a security zone) I find I need it more than ever.

:D :D :D :D
Thank the Lord for Leatherman!
:D :D :D :p


I have had mine for 2 years now and I live by it. I use it when I am at work and at home. It has everything you could ever need (well not everything but lots)

<Marky Mark>

I wish I had a Leatherman. I keep asking my wife for one for Christmas/Fathers day--but I end up getting something else, like a CD or a bottle of cologne. No complaints though... I just wished I had a Leatherman. Maybe next year... Peace.

Mark Anderson---KSTP


I've noticed there are several makes and styles of the so called Leatherman tools. What is the best, how much? There seems to be many copy cats out there of the original Leatherman. Hang in there Anderson, you'll get one some day.


I recently had to replace mine. After forgetting to stow it before going through security at the airpost and having it taken. It was getting pretty rusty and had at least one of the attachments broken off. Still getting use to the new one. :(


I'm on my 3rd Leatherman. My wife gave me the first two, which I lost. I got the 3rd off ebay. In use it three times a day, on average.
Don't buy a ten-dollar job; they melt like butter.

Scott Z.

The Leatherman is a classic & good, Gerber sucks, but I did a lot of looking around before I chose a Schrade Tough Tool. Slightly larger than the Leathermen tools, but more comfortable hand grips & you can get at all the tools without opening the whole thing. I have had mine for about 3 years & I find a new use fo it every week, I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me cut the umbilical cord with it when our baby is born, she's not ammused.


just got a wave better handle also use a SOG geared tool mini boltcutter goes through cyclone fence easily.

leatherman had a hard time getting started. it took several years to get started. he went to gerber for manufacture they said it would never be viable. kershaw told him the same thing. several years later when he got his own manufacturing kershaw and gerber got on the band wagon.


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I use mine everyday, and today i forgot it at home. I feel naked w/o it. I am sure alot of you have this problem. :mad: