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  • If you need any other advice- food drink etc, let me know.
    If you're in Midtown West do yourself a favor and get out of Times Square and go to 9th ave 40s-50s for food and drink.
    Or Korea town (Ktown) 31st-36th between 5th and 6th.

    Fred Schuh here. I've seen from your past posts that you shoot for ABC and have a PDW510. I work for ABC News occasionally up here in the Tampa area, and I'd love your opinion on using the PDW510 for them. I currently have a PDW700, but I'm considering selling it and buying a bstock 510 for $4000. Unlike other F/L's I only use the XDcam for ABC, and frankly it's camera overkill using the 700 given I'm shooting SD and paying SD rates. I've checked with a couple folks in the know and they say ABC plans to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

    Have you experience any disadvantages with using the 510 for ABC? Would you do this if you were me and ABC was your only XDcam client?

    Thanks in advance for you input.


    Fred Schuh
    yeah - no worries. i do like a good debate! rest assured that i won't be lighting any pressers anytime soon, but i'll sponge off of your light if you bring em! i'm not articulating myself very well in that thread, but i've been thinking about it and i'll give it another shot today. no hard feelings - its one of the things i love about a creative business - there are a lot of 'right' answers!
    i'll head up there ASAP. sorry that i didn't see this message until today - the 4th - and i'm tied up today and shooting tomorrow. early next week has very good promise. the list seems to be growing.....
    here ya go:

    Multi Media Productions "USA" Inc.
    999 Yamato Road Suite 210 l Boca Raton, Florida 33431
    Phone: (561) 988-9449 l Fax: (561) 988-9304

    Thanks for your help,

    Tres Bruce
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