Deaf and Blind
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  • Yes I know all of the crew sound and camera all have been having a whinge I know they all have Digi Betacam and assume that's what they are using. Can always call to find out.

    On the other foot...
    The PDW700 for take up is roughly 70 in freelancers hands nationally one station just purchased 60 for their newscaf (news current affairs) Almost every regional station now runs either pdw350 or 510 ABC here is P-2 BTW. 97 Cameras servers, VTR's etc non linear systems so a sizeable buy.

    I'm probably the most connected person in the industry here in Oz and to a greater extent S.E. Asia with regards to crew.


    That sounds pretty awful.

    Top Gear UK has had its fair share of controversy, but it appears to be a happy ship for the most part. Shame that the Aussie effort seems to be going down the pan. Sounds like they haven't got the message that Top Gear UK is controlled messing about rather than improv.

    Do you know anyone that works on the show?
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