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I'm proud of the b-roll.net FORUM. It has developed into a tremendous resource for photographers around the world.

My goal from the beginning has been to keep the discussion as open and free as possible. As long as threads deal with issues of television news photography, and do not get rude, crude, or offensive, anything goes...

To clarify our policy, we only remove posts that are off-topic, spam, personal attacks or rude and offensive.

Off-topic posts are allowed in the "UNCENSORED" section.

Edits are only made to remove personal attacks, extremely offensive content, and information that could cause employment or legal issues for those named. Edited posts are timestamped with the name of the editor, so you know that changes have been made.

Please post here or email me at info@b-roll.net if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks to everyone for using b-roll.net and making it such a success.

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Thanks Kev! The site seems to get better every time I visit.

PS - the video critique section rocks. and the tv upload site works great. KEEP IT UP!

Chicago Dog

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How are reputation points calculated? My control panel says I have 17 reputation points. I've received three reviews: two positive and one negative.

The ability to comment while giving reputation is pretty slick (and I don't agree with the comments given on the negative review I received).

I think it might be a good idea if comments were required in reputation. If someone is going to give me negative feedback, I'd certainly like to know why. Are members allowed to "appeal" the negative scores?


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You start with a specific amount of "reputation" when your account is created. Since some accounts were created LONG AGO - individuals may have different levels. Some reputation increases with time...

Good point about requiring a comment when giving reputation - good or bad. Let me look into that.

I have set a new feature that restricts the number of posts per day by individuals with reduced reputations. If the masses vote you down - you'll be limited in the number of times you can post per day.

Send me your recommendations and ideas...



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Cyndy it is the season for spam and fake posts. Frece has one post talks about asystem I don't think we use on this site anymore and has a link at the bottom that sounds a lot like other fake spam posts... merry xmas :)