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  • Cameragod!

    A friend is traveling to your part of the world in a few months and is looking to rent some gear when there to avoid hassles with customs. Can you recommend any rental houses in Australia/New Zealand? She will be traveling to both.

    Her needs are primarily still cameras; DSLR bodies and maybe some waterproof housings. Any ideas for her to check into?

    Hi Cameragod. A long time ago (2004/2005) you advised me on a few things. I'm coming back to TV after a wild ride elsewhere and when I came back on to b-roll and looked at all my previous threads, you helped me a lot. Thank you.
    Thanks for the response to the thread. How much would it cost to send to the states:

    Zach Love
    541 S Highland
    Oak Park, IL 60304

    Here is the back story:
    I stumbled upon a deck for sale w/ about 2min left. The high bid was less than the price of a good meal & I figured it would be nice to be able to watch the old beta tapes I have saved on the bookcase. If it didn't work, I thought I'd take it apart & frame it for all the memories of 1/2".

    Deck arrives, I put in a tape picture has no chroma, audio isn't playing at the right speed & there are massive tracking issues. I clean the heads & no change.

    Confused a bit, I look closer & see it is running at 25fps. Look at the model number closer & yep, it is PAL.

    I'd like to know how well the thing works & need a tape, so I posted on b-roll.

    Obviously this isn't something I want to put real money into, mostly just curious. Thanks again, for responding.

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