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Visualize your Field of View

There used to be a time when you could base all your lens selection on that of 35mm lenses. You knew the field of view that you’d get and could use terms like 28-80mm to describe an all-purpose zoom lens. The problem these days is almost every camera and format uses a different pickup size and thus a 50mm lens on one doesn’t match a 50mm lens on another.

The folks at AbelCineTech have put together a web page to help you visualize it all.

Punch in the camera you’re using and the lens you’ve selected and you can get a side by side comparison of field of view.

It’s kinda cool to play with… and it’s FREE.

Check it out here…

How to Back Focus an XDCAM EX Camera

From: CineTechnica

New technology brings smaller cameras and smaller controls. The new changeable lens EX cameras from Sony have a much more menu driven method to correct the back focus.

Andy Shipsides of AbelCine takes us through the process.

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Read the full story here…

Filmmakers Produce Lesson in Capturing Moments

“Without Us, It’s Radio”

A famous rallying cry of photographers here on But after listening to some amazing writing on National Public Radio from shows like This American Life, Planet Money and Radiolab, I have found a lot about storytelling can be learned from the AUDIO ONLY medium. These shows break the mold on the process of telling a linear story.

Back in July, WNYC’s Radiolab did a show about moments of death, called “After Life.” This inspired New York film director, William Hoffman and DP Julius Metoyer, III to produce the video “moments.” Rather than moments of death – this is all about moments of life.

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This is a great work on its own, but I think it shines as an example of capturing great moments. Granted it’s not the framework of your normal TV news story, but it has elements that would help punch up any story.

What do you think?