Looking through the entries of this year’s b-roll.net AWARDS is truly inspirational. Not only do I feel the need to improve my “game,” but I am encouraging to see that there are still TV news organizations that are doing it right. Telling quality stories with good pictures. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s contest.

And now the winners!

It’s like déjà vu all over again, but the name on the b-roller of the YEAR trophy this year will again be Darren Durlach of WBFF in Baltimore, MD. Durlach won the 2008 AWARDS and proved to have even better stories in reserve for this year’s contest. His clips stood out among the more than 430 clips entered, and we’re proud to name him the 2009 b-roller of the YEAR.

b-roll-tallView some of Darren Durlach‘s work:

It was a tight race for the top spot with Todd Rogenthien of KHOU in Houston, TX. Rogenthien takes home a BEST of b-roll.net (large market) trophy.

View Todd Rogenthien‘s work:

Joe O’Neill of WHTM, in Harrisburg, PA was consistent good with a top ten finisher in each of the 5 core categories. ONeill walks away with a Small Market BEST of b-roll.net trophy.

View some of Joe O’Neill‘s clips:

We’re excited to have our first International BEST of b-roll.net winner. Stephen Press, a freelancer in New Zealand takes a trophy for the Kiwi’s.

View some of Stephen Press‘s clips:

b-roller of the YEAR trophy goes to:

  • Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD

BEST of b-roll.net trophies go to:

  • Todd Rogenthien, KHOU, Houston, TX Division 1: Domestic (USA) Large Market (Market Size 1-30)
  • Joe ONeill, WHTM, Harrisburg, PA Division 2: Domestic (USA) Small Market (Market Size 31-212)
  • Stephen Press, Freelancer, New Zealand, Division 3: International (All other countries)

Here are the Category Results:

Click on the individual categories to see the clips in order of their scores.

Please note: In selecting First, Second and Third Place for a particular category, only the top scoring clip from an individual was considered. Some individual photographers had 2 clips in the top three of a category, and in those situations, the next highest clip from a different photographer was selected.

Core Categories

Spot News sponsored by Anton/Bauer

  1. Todd Rogenthien, KHOU Wasted Water
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF Everybody’s Happy
  3. Ernesto Torres, KHOU A Lost Prayer

General News sponsored by Fujinon

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF Angels for Irma
  2. Anthony Oliveira, WFAA HOV Pylons
  3. A.J. Willen, WGCL CFL Bulbs

Feature (Soft)

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF Ghosts of the Civil War
  2. Ron Johnson, KMSP A Whole New Family
  3. David Bradford, WJW Music Men

In Depth sponsored by Zylight

  1. Todd Rogenthien, KHOU Jessica’s Journey
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF Reflect on America
  3. Jeffrey Ritter, WBNS Lima Co Memorial

Live Shot / Standup

  1. Jim Sitton, WPTV Standups
  2. Nathan Thompson, WICD Standups
  3. Doug Magditch, KYTV Standups

Supplemental Categories

Breaking News

  1. Ernesto Torres, KHOU Gustav is in Town
  2. Charles Fisher, WFAA Hurricane Ike Live Stuff
  3. Greg T. Johnson, WFAA DART Tunnel Evacuation

Feature (Hard)

  1. Douglas Burgess, WFAA Invisible Voices
  2. Charles Fisher, WFAA Auction Angel
  3. Todd Rogenthien, KHOU The Lights Went Down in Friendswood


  1. Arturo Quezada, Univision Backyard Boxing
  2. Nathan Parsons, WGHP Southern Professional…Hockey?!?
  3. Zach Tucker, WLEX Aiming for a Cure


  1. Matthew Apthorp WBBH Health Franchise
  2. Allen Fairbanks, WGHP Made in North Carolina
  3. George Taylor, KWCH Jet BBQ


  1. Ron Johnson, KMSP Troubling Traffic
  2. Stephen Walters, KFOR Toll Cheaters
  3. Jim Sitton, WPTV Dangerously Dim

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