Team Lenslinger’s “ vs. the VJ”

Team Lenslinger covered the floor at this year’s NAB – even found time to share a few pints with us at the BASH.

In their first full video installment from the show, they try to tackle the toughest question – the ONE MAN BAND, yes or no?

KGTV’s Joe Little Shows How to Be a OMB

From: FORUM You have to hand it to Joe Little.  His one-man-band (or “Digital Correspondent”) stories make it look easy – and strangely, a little fun. He’s mastered creative shooting and editing to the point that you can’t tell he’s doing it all himself. His latest video is a “day in the life” story – shot written and edited in a day. Well done, Joe… You can watch more…

Should the AWARDS have a OMB Category?

There has been a good debate on the FORUM about whether or not there should be a “One Man Band” category in the AWARDS. The proposed changes to the contest are as follows: 1) Change “Feature (Soft)” to “Feature” allowing hard and soft stories to enter. 2) Remove Completion Time Limit on “Feature.” 3) Remove “Feature (Hard)” category. 4) Add “Nat Sound” category (see rules below). 5) Remove…

OMB Tells His Secret to Creative Storytelling

From: Al Tompkins, “A YouTube video of KGTV’s Joe Little has been making the rounds lately. Inside of one week, four people sent it to me. Little works as a one-man band. In other words, he shoots his own video, reports the story and edits it.” Al Tompkins interviews Little to get some insight into his creative process… and explains the situations in which he’d love to have a…