Team Lenslinger’s “b-roll.net vs. the VJ”

Team Lenslinger covered the floor at this year’s NAB – even found time to share a few pints with us at the b-roll.net BASH.

In their first full video installment from the show, they try to tackle the toughest question – the ONE MAN BAND, yes or no?

Team Lenslinger Interviews b-roll.net at NAB

I always say at a big media event – we the media are getting bored when we start interviewing each other. Upon meeting up with Team Lenslinger this year at NAB, we almost immediately started interviewing each other. Suffices to say there was way to much going on to be bored. It was the ultimate pleasure to run into Stewart, Chris, Anthony, Rick and Emily on the floor. The “team”…

Lenslinger presents SchmuckAlert.com

From: Stewart “Lenslinger” Pittman Ever since orb-hurling hothead Kenny “Not the Gambler” Rogers openly assailed a cameraman for reasons known only to himself, I’ve felt compelled to issue Schmuck Alerts. What can I say? Some folks were put on this Earth to cure Polio, refine space flight, or stop global warming. Me – I’m here to lambast those who manhandle fancycams. I’m cool with that. What I’m NOT cool with…