New Gerber Steady is Tripod in your Pocket

July 25, 2011 lead

The Leatherman or Gerber Multi-tool is a mainstay of the TV News Photographer. Who knows when your going to need to tighten some camera screws, strip some wires or open a bottle of wine. These heavy duty “swiss-army knives” are the perfect all-purpose tool.

Gerber is about to release the Gerber Steady, a multi-tool with a twist. Twelve individual tools including tripod legs and a threaded tripod screw.

Granted this will not hold your giant “fancy cam,” but in the world of tiny cameras like the Flip or GoPro, you never know when you might need a little stability for your “2nd Unit” camera.

Unfortunately, this isn’t scheduled until Spring 2012, but put this on my Easter gift list!

Check it out at Uncrate.

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