White House Press Pool Describes Staging of Still Photos

May 4, 2011 discussion, lead

From: Al Tompkins, Poynter

It seems the staging of still photos has raised an ethical discussion.

“The White House continues to debate whether to release photos showing Osama bin Laden’s body. In theory, the photos would be proof to any doubters that the terrorist is dead. But not all photos can be believed — not even when they seem to show the President of the United States making a historic speech.

Reuters White House photographer Jason Reed describes in his blog how the president made his speech to a single TV camera, then immediately after finishing, he pretended to speak for the still cameras.”

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  1. Les Rose says:

    from my facebook page, partially edited…

    Staging is lying…and this stinks to high heaven…Al Tompkins’ article from Poynter.org…but this truly strikes at the core of why I want to teach at the University level someday…to make sure students GET THAT THIS IS WRONG!!!

    News MUST be the TRUTH! The point is: if the still photo is false and was taken after the speech…then what else is NOT true? Where do you draw the line? The walk to the podium? It is FALSE..part of the POST reenactment. We have the GREATEST public trust…which is why WE have the FIRST Amendment to protect our line of work!!! No other business is protected by the Constitution…


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