TV Photog Speaks from Behind the Lens

May 13, 2011 discussion, lead

The great photog scribe, Lenslinger brought the words of Tim Fisher to my attention in his post “Beyond the Lunge

“It’s not often you see a TV news photog step out from behind the camera and own up to what he’s shown, but that’s exactly what WKTV’s Tim Fisher did and the results are sobering.”

The story raised the interest of Al Tompkins of Poynter, who takes us deeper into how the story came about.

“It is the May Nielsen ratings period, so you can imagine the temptation to air a hyped-up attack and put the fire service under a microsope. Instead, Fisher offers photographic proof that firemen risked their lives again and again, battling the fire before collapsing in exhaustion.”

Read Lenslinger’s Article
Read Tompkin’s Article

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  1. A long and harrowing day for you Tim. Well done – great sequencing of shots, in a difficult situation.

    Did your station air the entire story as seen here?


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