Shuttle Time-lapse is Lesson in Sequencing

I’m not a huge shuttle geek, but I’m definitely of the generation that watched the first shuttle launch in elementary school with great fascination.

As we’re counting down to the last launch, photographers Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman and Philip Scott Andrews decided to demonstrate the process of launching a shuttle in a new and innovative way. Using time-lapse photography, they turned the 6 week process of prepping a shuttle into a gorgeous four minute video called “Go for Launch!”

Not only was I blown away by the well choreographed “ballet” of loading a shuttle on boaster rockets, I found the visuals demonstrate the fine art of sequencing. You feel the flow and movement of the process through interesting angles and brilliant lens choices. A lot can be learned from this piece.

My hats off to the photographers and NASA for giving us this kind of visual access and a photography lesson to boot.


  1. Mike says:

    Amazing. The coolest time-lapse I have ever seen. Great job guys!

  2. jon says:

    Awesome. Must be incredible to see in person.

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