Extreme Sports BTS “Focused” Airs on Discovery HD Theater

April 20, 2010 lead

Matchstick Productions, a Colorado based production group, has produced an Emmy nominated series showing the behind the scenes of producing “extreme sports” shots.

Those amazing ski jumps or sky dives are only half the story. Someone had to get those images. For the first time, we see a show dedicated to how they capture the images.

The show starts airing on Discovery HD Theater on April 21, 2010. Check out the listings.

Read more at: MSPfilms.com.


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  2. Jason says:

    Focused, so far, stinks. They have shown nothing about how they got the shot. I will not be watching anymore until they figure out that they actually have to run the type of show they advertise.

    This show is just about skiers, it is truly a lame, boring, production.

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