“Team Lenslinger” to Join b-roll.net BASH

As I’m going through RSVPs for the 2010 b-roll.net BASH, I was happy to see the names that make up “Team Lenslinger:” Stewart Pittman, Chris Weaver and Rick Portier.  The partying trio hung out with us at NAB a few years ago, and I’ve missed their company . I wasn’t sure if it was just a desert mirage, until I read this:

From: Viewfinder Blues

“Reticent as I am to mention it before booking passage, it’s looking pretty official: Team Slinger WILL be attending NAB. That’s the National Association of Broadcasters, a shadowy cabal that does little more than stage the world’s largest Electronic Media Show every year in that glittering scab in the desert known as Las Vegas. Twice now Weaver and I have traveled there to take in the toys, shoot a few goofy videos and suck up as much free booze as strangers will foist upon us (that’s me in the middle there, trying to shake off a hangover in the making long enough to finish taping). But we don’t span the continent just to get hammered. There’s work to do! What with fending off vendors, gathering enough schwag to choke a sales team and rendezvousing with certain readers, there’s barely enough time for a contemplative stroll at the end of the day – let alone trying to rid Vegas of every drop of Maker’s Mark.”

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Looking forward to the festivities!

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  1. […] Game tonight, but in seven short days I’ll be prowling the sausage party that is the B-Roll Bash. But I won’t be alone, for Team Lenslinger has grown considerably. There’s The Mighty […]

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