Spirit of the b-roll.net AWARDS

I’m very proud of the contest that you “b-rollers” helped create. We now have the first completely online, peer-judged video competition around. This year’s b-roll.net AWARDS has almost 400 entries and hundreds of judges. Thanks to everyone who is participating. There is still a week left in Round 1 to vote.

The aspect of the contest that is most important to me is the fact that it is peer-judged. I did not want a small select group of judges – but rather have the entire b-roll.net COMMUNITY involved and voting.

In the end, the story that wins should be the best quality story – as judged by the professionals of the b-roll.net COMMUNITY. It is not meant to be an election or a popularity contest. Participants shouldn’t be lobbying or campaigning for votes. In the same way, participants shouldn’t encourage moms orĀ  boyfriends or girlfriends or pool boys to try to register to vote in the contest. That’s not what this contest is about.

That’s not the spirit of the b-roll.net AWARDS.

Thanks again to everyone and GOOD LUCK!

OH, I ALMOST FORGOT… Please go vote now.

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