CNN Photog Running for US Capitol Radio TV Committee

IMG_0578The majority of media access in the US Capitol is acquired through the hard work and negotiating of the Radio Television Executive Committee on Capitol Hill. It is not often that one of the committee positions is held by a TV shooter. Jay McMichael of CNN is looking to change that and needs your vote. DC is a political town after all. If you’re a credentialed member of the press with the US Capitol, especially if you’re a photog, Mr. McMichael could use your support.

“My name is Jay McMichael.  I’m a photojournalist at CNN in Washington DC. I’m writing to ask for your support and your vote to the Radio Television Executive Committee on Capitol Hill. Elections will be held on Dec. 9 and 10, 2009 in the Senate Radio TV Gallery. Most of you know me, for those that do not, I have been working as a photojournalist on Capitol Hill since 1987 and have been with CNN since 1989 in the same capacity.  My 22 years of experience on the Hill will be a valuable resource to draw upon as we in the radio-television community move into ever changing and evolving technologies that challenge the current rules in place, in building better relations with the Capitol Police and addressing parking issues that affect all of us. My goal is to represent the needs of the Radio TV members, be able to give a relevant voice to the committee from the perspective of the photojournalist and to effect change with that perspective in mind. Thank you for your support.”

Don’t forget to vote Dec. 9 and 10, 2009 in the Senate Radio TV Gallery

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