KLAS Responds to KVBC’s Payola Complaint

From:  KLAS-TV

“KLAS TV Channel 8¬†management is preparing a filing with the Federal Communication Commission categorically denying a complaint that this station promised news coverage in exchange for advertising dollars.”

From: Las Vegas Review Journal

“A day after it was reported that Channel 3 filed a complaint charging that Channel 8, as well as KVVU-TV, Channel 5 and KTNV-TV, Channel 13, disguised paid advertisements as objective news stories, the local CBS affiliate mounted an aggressive defense, initiating its own FCC filing to dispute the allegations.”

From: Broadcasting & Cable

“KLAS Las Vegas, which was the subject of an FCC complaint alleging it had sold its newscast, says it is preparing its own filing with the FCC demonstrating that news coverage is ‘determined solely by news management.'”

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